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Fishing Report till 29th March 2016

WED 23RD MARCH B Black (Greenock) 3-7lb.8oz on green and white lure J Wright (Johnstone) 3-8lb.2oz on olive sus buzzer,S Clark (Johnstone) 2-5lb 3oz on olive sus buzzers B Halliday (Johnstone) 3-7lb.10oz on olive sus buzzer,H Dingwall (beith) 3 ret on hares ear CDC 

THURS 24TH MARCH  M Dunbar (Largs) 4 ret on black CDC B Norwood (Beith) 5 ret on pink beetle 

FRI 25TH MARCH  A Kennedy (Kilbirnie) 8-ret on lures A Robinson (Greenock) 3-8lb5oz on damsel M Dunbar 3 ret on damsel,S Cruikshank (Irvine) 3 ret on lures N Miller (Greenock05ret on buzzers J Miller (Greenock) 2 ret on buzzers,J Murphy (Saltcoats) 8 ret on blobs S Milne (Irvine) 4ret on b/o sus buzzer 

SAT26TH MARCH S Cairney (Greenock) 12 ret on damsel and buzzers R Ralston (Glasgow) 4 ret on buzzers 

SUN 27TH MARCH R Ralston (Glasgow) 2 ret on buzzers R Sambells (Kilbirnie) 3 ret on buzzers B Torlay (Greenock) 3 ret on  blobs 

MON 28TH MARCH S Cairney (Greenock) 12 ret on damsel and buzzers B Torlay (Greenock) 8 ret on dries,R Ralston (glasgow) 5 ret on buzzers S Milne (Irvine)13 ret on b/o sus buzzer,D Fullerton (Port Glasgow 2 - 5lb. 2oz yellow owl A Mooney 2-5lb.8oz on blood worm,S Cathcart (Port Glasgow) 2-5lb.9oz on damsel 

TUES 29TH MARCH G McLaren (West Kilbride) 2-5lb.8oz on lures R Sambells (Kilbirnie) 8 ret on buzzers

                               B Greene (Greenock) 10 ret on blood worm

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